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The Eden Pool
Starts At $37,900

Included Features


450 sq ft. in swim space (Additional Sq Ft would be $45 a sq ft.)

Quartz and blue pigment

450 sq ft of decking with a non-slip overlay. (colors to be chosen by customer)

Tile for the wall of the pool and step border to be chosen by the customer.

Inclues 2 color LED lights

220V electrical equipment for all pumps and heaters for energy efficiency unless the owner specifies otherwise.

One Pump with a 3 year warranty on equipment through Manufacturer.

One 36sq ft D/E filter with a 3 year warranty on equipment through Manufacturer.

Two Venture Surface Skimmers for better water flow and maximum efficiency for filtration.

Pool has an automatic in floor cleaning system called a Quick Clean.

Dedicated 3″ suction lines for efficiency and better water flow.

Unblockable Main Drain for safety.

Pool auto fill line and backflow; where required .

Time clock for filter pump to save energy.

Chlorinator to properly maintain chemicals.

Pool equipment pad is limited to being no more than 50 feet from main drain. If it is further the cost will be $20 per foot.

Large 3 tier water feature included

Spa adds $6,000

250,000 BTU heater either gas or L.P. for $2,300

400,000 BTU heater either gas or L.P. for $3,250

Additional Options

  • Extra Light in White $450 Color LED Upgrade $600.

  • Upgrade Light: An upgrade to a color LED light for $600.
  • Railings Start at $550 Robotic Cleaner starts at $440

  • Robotic cleaner: similar to a Polaris.
  • Upgrade tile: Our base tile is up to $6 a foot. An upgraded tile usually cost $10 or more per sq. ft., for an intermediate glass tile or similar the pool will need about 60 sq. ft. Total cost is usually about $600 (rough estimate does not reflect final price of upgrade)
  • Additional deck: This is needed on many homes to make the area surrounding the pool more functional, on some it is not needed. Over 450 sq. ft. the deck costs approx. $7 a sq ft.
  • Additional sq. ft. of swim space $45 sq. ft.
  • Spas start $6,000
  • Heaters 250,000 BTU Gas or LP $2,500
400,000 BTU Heaters start at $3,250
With Electric start $4,400
  • Water Features start at $3,000
  • Fire Feature: Starts at $3,750
  • Slides start at $2,700
  • Diving Boards start at $1,400
  • Pebble upgrade $6 per sq. ft. or Quartz Plaster upgrade $4 per sq. ft.
Color Pigment $2.25 sq. ft.